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Success Stories - Grace

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Meet Grace, a farmer in Kapsitwet, Transnzoia County.

Grace is married with three children and has been a small scale maize producer for over 20 years but has observed her yields decrease annually as a result of climate change, increased pest and disease burden, and poor soil conditions. This has had a negative impact on her income and forced her to apply for short term loans. Grace was in a desperate situation when she heard about the Mbegu Plus project in her area and attended a meeting with one of the Bubayi Products Ltd advisory team who motivated her to enroll as a bean seed grower for the following season.

Grace embraced the Bubayi Products Ltd advisory service and followed the guidance of the extension officers on cultivation and harvest practices throughout the season. Her commitment to the crop resulted in one of the top yields per acre in her area, achieving 1300 kgs.

“The bean variety has greatly changed my life. It has helped me to pay the school fees for my children and cleared my loans…and it has greatly raised my living standard,” Grace commented. She has now planted 2 acres of bean seed for multiplication and is one of the company’s lead farmers.


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