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Our Dairy

Brown Ayrshire cows grazing in a green field on Gloucester Vale Farm in Kenya

These lovely ladies are at the heart of what we do on the farm and are a key component in our regenerative approach to dairy farming. Fully integrated into the workings of our mixed farm, they enjoy the freedom to graze on permanent and planted leys all year round. Adaptive multi-paddock grazing gives our pastures time to recover, ensuring that the quality of our planted mixed leys is maintained whilst building our soils through regular manuring and trampling. Although predominantly grass fed, we supplement with farm-produced maize silage and hay, keeping bought-in concentrates and protein to a minimum, which further cuts CO₂ emissions and costs.


The result of our practices is happy, healthy cows who produce large volumes of high quality milk.

Our Cows

Our handsome herd is the result of careful selection and breeding over generations. The choice of breeds is based on our environment and sustainability—the bigger the cow, the more she eats, which is not all that sustainable for this environment. We have a predominantly Ayrshire herd—chosen for their adaptability to hotter climates, their efficient grazing (due to their ability to produce high volumes of milk from forage compared to their size), the excellent flavour and texture of the milk, and the high yield of butterfat and protein. The addition of Friesian stock leads to higher milk yields. As a result, our dairy herd has a great reputation. We hold livestock sales twice a year, selling to local farmers as well as NGOs such as “Send a Cow”.

Milk Production

We milk twice daily in a semi-automated dairy which ensures high quality milk that is free of contamination from external sources. The milk is immediately bulk cooled and stored prior to collection by our partner, Bio Foods Ltd, and is guaranteed antibiotic free and aflatoxin free. In addition to our choice of breed, our milking methods and overall treatment of our herd results in a better flavour profile for our milk. Simply put, a happier cow produces tastier milk.

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