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As an agribusiness, Bubayi believes that it has a unique opportunity to play a positive role in addressing local, national, and global societal issues in the 21st century. We strive to promote farming methods that are sustainable, economically viable, and contribute to national and global food security. We do our best to ensure that our business adds value to the local community.

Our Model

Locally Bred Bean Seed 

Bubayi multiples and commercialises locally bred, resilient and high yielding bean varieties of this nutritionally important food crop. All our varieties are produced under licence from KALRO. The company fulfils a vital role in providing quality certified seed and advice to smallholder farmers to increase yields

Bubayi bean bean pods close up
Bubayi beans on a smallholder farm with a farmer inspecting them

Community Engagement


We engage with smallholder farmers to do the bulk of the seed production, supporting them with technical advice, a number of inputs and a guaranteed market for their product. Seed is graded, treated and packaged at the processing plant, and packed in smallholder packs for onward sale to farmers who grow the crop commercially or as a household subsistence crop.

Knowledge Sharing


We combine extensive and intensive farming methods and share our knowledge and experience of regenerative farming practices through field days at our centre of excellence.   Where possible and effective, the company has a policy to maximize employment opportunities especially for women. We employ up to 250 workers at peak times.

Bubayi bean plant roots being explained by a farmer
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