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About Us

Gloucester Vale Farm

Our history

Gloucester Vale farm is 850 acres of mixed dairy farm based on the foothills of Mount Elgon, near Kitale, in Kenya. Our family has farmed here since 1963 with a reputation for excellence in dairying, seed, and crop production.

We farm in partnership with nature, believing that—as stewards of the land—we have a responsibility to improve and build up its health and biodiversity. We employ regenerative methods to improve our land, the health of our soils, and the welfare of our livestock. As a result, we are now able to reduce our dependency on inorganic fertilizers. The farm is a diverse entity of pasture, natural and planted forest water conservation, and arable crops. We also have special projects producing delicious raw honey from our bees, farm produced coffee, and we run plant trials in partnership with a number of agribusinesses.

Evening view of cows in a field on the farm with trees in the background in Kiminini Kenya

Bubayi Products Ltd.

Seeds of Change

In 1996, we founded our sister seed company, Bubayi Products Ltd, an impact enterprise that works in partnership with smallholder farmers, offering extension services, training, and field days at our Centre of Excellence on our farm and at lead farmer farms. The farm and company employ between 60-120 people, depending on the season, many of whom are women thus making a vital contribution to our local rural economy where work is hard to find.


Initially formed to fill the gap in milk processing, the company has expanded due to the demands of the country’s food security and is now the largest single producer of bean seed in Kenya, working with the dual aims of increasing smallholder yields and incomes as well as improving overall agricultural practice.

A nice picture of a Nandi flame tree growing with crops in the foreground on Gloucester Vale Farm in Kiminini, Kenya
Maize growing in a field on Gloucester Vale Farm in Kiminini, Kenya
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